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Gain fluency and confidence in English with personalised conversation classes to suit your needs.


Gain a competitive advantage, travel the world and open up new opportunities with your fluency in English.

I have been a student of OLA for 18 months now, and I only have good things to say about my teachers. I like the way of teaching, the different accents of my teachers, and the type of conversations we...

Online English classes with native English speaking teachers


✔ From the UK, USA, Canada and South Africa

✔ Qualified and Experienced

✔ Patient, Friendly and Helpful​

The classes


✔ Communicative Method

✔ Focuses on Your Fluency and Confidence

✔ Personalised to Your Level and Needs



✔ Review Summaries of Every Class

✔ Improve your Vocabulary and Grammar

✔ Perfect Your Pronunciation

Satisfaction guaranteed


✔ Get a Better Job

✔ Pass your Speaking Exams

✔ Travel the World with Confidence


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