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How to choose a good English teacher

How To Choose The Right English Teacher

Choosing a good online English teacher can be a difficult task these days... there are just so many of them!!! In this video, I give you my top 5 tips on things you must consider when choosing an online... Read more

Fall, Fall Down or Fall Over... What's The Difference?

Fall, Fall Down or Fall Over... What's The Difference?

In this lesson with Greg, founder of Online Language Academy, you will learn how to use the following English FALL Verbs: FALL FALL DOWN FALL OVER FALL OFF FALL OUT FALL UP FALL INTO By... Read more

Learn The Difference Between IN ORDER TO, SO THAT and TO

In order to v So that v To

I've just published a video to answer a question I had from one of our YouTube viewers, and I wanted to tell you that if YOU have any questions for me, just tell me, and I will do a video for you too!... Read more

Second, Third, Mixed Conditionals

Second, Third, Mixed Conditionals

In this lesson with Greg from Online Language Academy you will learn all about the Second, Third and Mixed Conditionals in advanced English grammar. For these commonly misused grammatical constructions,... Read more

Prepositions of Place in English | IN ON AT BY UNDER OVER

Prepositions of Place in English | IN ON AT BY UNDER OVER

In this lesson you will learn the difference between many prepositions of place in English grammar, including IN, ON, AT, BY, UNDER and OVER. Students commonly make mistakes when using prepositions... Read more

Cómo pronunciar Low y Law

How to pronounce Low v Law in English

The vowel sounds we are going to be looking at in this pronunciation lesson often cause problems for our students, and cause confusion when knowing how to pronounce pairs of words such as low and law. The... Read more

25 Polite English Expressions

25 Polite English Expressions

In this lesson we are going to look at the excessive politeness that is stereotypical of the British, and you are going to learn a selection of very important polite English expressions that we use in... Read more

20 Spanish Words We Use In English

20 Spanish Words We Use In English

As an Englishman living in Spain, I often hear Spanish people telling me that they don’t speak any English at all. “Nada”… “Cero”…”Cero Zapatero”… However,... Read more

British English Pronunciation of Place Names

20 British Place Names You Are Pronouncing Badly in English

Have you ever talked about the places you visited while on holiday in England, and then seen a confused look on the face of the person you’re speaking to? This is probably because you’re pronouncing... Read more

8 English Idioms / Expressions Related to AGE

In this English lesson you are going to learn 8 English idioms and expressions related to AGE. This Interavtive English lesson was given LIVE on YouTube, in order to help you take your English to the... Read more

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    I am really enjoying learning with the OLA method because it is possible to improve all aspects of the language, be it speaking, writing or listening....

    Erika Contipelli(03/06/2023)

    I can reach teachers easily. I took lessons from two teachers and both of them were heartfelt and helpful....


    OLA is a perfectly built system. I was searching a lot on the net looking for ways to improve my English, and OLA immediately caught my attention, starting with Greg's public videos, which are not only extremely useful with its thematic topics, but also how he is delivering knowledge is super cl...

    Sara Barreto(13/04/2023)

    There are abundant class topics you can choose,which allow you prepare for the conversation class and feel easy. Study sheet provides you with useful information to help you improve listening and speaking skills....

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