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Advanced Speaking Exercise: The Truth Behind Stereotypes

The Truth Behind Stereotypes

Advanced English Conversation Class

Advanced English Conversation Class

What is a stereotypical English person like? Am I a stereotypical Englishman? What do I think of the common stereotypes of other nationalities? Find out in my answers to these questions in my conversation class video on the topic!

I'm Greg, the owner of Online Language Academy and in this video I will teach you useful vocabulary that you can use in your classes via Skype with our native English teachers, and it's also a fantastic way for you to improve your English listening skills! 

You can learn more key vocabulary from this lesson plus much much more by downloading the full lesson eBook here!  

Enjoy the video!

English Vocabulary Lesson with Greg


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Lesson Notes - English Vocabulary in Context

Here is the key English vocabulary from the conversation lesson, with an example of each word in context:

1. Very punctual 
E.g. We are punctual but not as punctual as the Germans. 

2. Very distant 
E.g. In England, we are apparently very distant. 

3. Outdated / Old fashioned
E.g. Maybe this stereotype is a bit outdated. 

4. We love the Royal Family. 
E.g. Many Americans love the British Royal Family. 

5. We have a bad dress sense. 
E.g. Apparently in England we don't dress well, we have a bad dress sense. 

6. We have a terrible food. 
E.g. Why is English food is always perceived as terrible? 

7. Making generalizations. 
E.g. Stereotypes are generalizations of people from a specific area, country or culture.

8. An exaggeration of the truth. 
E.g.  We could say that stereotypes are an exaggeration of the truth.

9. Cultural sensitives. 
E.g. We need to be aware of cultural sensitives when we meet people from a different culture. 

10. Offensive Stereotypes. 
E.g. We should avoid offending people by not using offensive stereotypes


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