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Group Class Schedule: Feb - March 2019


English with a Cuppa

Group Class Schedule: March 2019

Group Class Schedule: March 2019

"English with a Cuppa" is your online virtual English café. A place for you to relax and have fun and interesting English conversation with one of OLA's native English teacher and a small group of students with a similar level to yours.

These group conversation classes take place via Zoom (similar to Skype) with a maximum of 6 students, and in each class we talk about a specific topic of conversation in a fun and friendly environment. 

Use the monthly schedule below to choose your favourite topics and book your place in these sessions here »

Class Topics: February - March 2019

Class Topics Feb March 1

OLA's Online Group English Classes

Do you want to improve your spoken English?

Do you want to gain confidence speaking English in public?

Do you want to meet fellow students from around the world and learn together?

If so, make yourself a "cuppa" (cup of tea) and join the conversation!


Information and Prices of OLA's Online Group English Classes Here »

...Make Yourself a Cuppa and Join the Conversation!

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