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Online English Conversation Classes

If you want to gain fluency in spoken English and lose the embarrassment you feel when you speak, the 1-to-1 English Conversation Classes via Skype are perfect for you...


In just a few months I have noted a big difference in my English, and the teachers are fantastic. I recommend these English classes via Skype 100%.

– Ubaldo (Tenerife)

Click the button below to meet one of our native English teachers and discuss your needs and language-learning goals...

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Monthly Packs

8 classes
11 €/class
88 €

12 classes
10 €/class
120 €

Validity: 1 month

30-minute classes

30-minute Packs

5 classes
12 €/class
60 €

10 classes
11.50 €/class
115 €

20 classes
11 €/class
220 €

40 classes
10.50 €/class
420 €

Validity: 1 year

50-minute Packs

5 classes
18.50 €/class
92.50 €

10 classes
18 €/class
180 €

20 classes
17.50 €/class
350 €

40 classes
17 €/class
680 €

Validity: 1 year

Other courses

Online English conversation courses

Focus on Speaking and Listening

In your English Conversation Classes, we put the focus on your English communication skills (fluency, confidence and listening). These are the key language skills you need to succeed in real life. 

Our objective is for you to speak English as much as possible in order to gain fluency, and to minimise “Teacher Talking Time”.

Your teacher will correct your mistakes, teach you new vocabulary and grammar (in a communicative way), and help you with your pronunciation.

✔ Tip: Try a variety of teachers to expose yourself to different accents and improve your listening skills.


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What are the classes like?

Relevant Content

We have an abundance of material to help keep your English Conversation Classes interesting, covering a wide variety of interesting speaking topics. 

However, if you want to focus on something specific in your classes (e.g. your job, a future trip, a presentation, informal English…), we will always adapt to your needs! 

We work to reach your goal

Continuous Learning

At the end of each class we will fill out your Personalised Study Sheet. This is a summary of the mistakes you made in class, vocabulary and grammar learnt, and words you mispronounced. This is a valuable resource to help you keep improving!

✔ Tip: Revise this study sheet within 24 hours after your class. You'll remember things easier this way!

Your flexible English academy

Total Flexibility

At OLA we are friendly and flexible! For your English Conversation Classes you can choose your teachers, choose your class times, choose the number of weekly classes you have, choose your class topics.

Book up to 24 hours before class and cancel up to 12 hours in advance.

We are your flexible English academy!


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