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Would you like to teach 30-minute Business and General English Conversation classes via Skype to mainly Spanish-speaking adults, at the hours that suit you, from the comfort of your home?

If you are a native Online English teacher, this is your chance to work with OLA, an Online Language Academy which helps professionals speak English with more fluency, resulting in more confidence at work, better job opportunities and improved professional relationships.


» Giving 1-to-1, Business and General English Conversation classes to adult learners

» Choosing lesson plans relevant to each student

» Correcting mistakes in grammar and pronunciation, and helping students use new vocabulary

» Completing a feedback sheet after each class



» You are a NATIVE English teacher

» You are able to issue invoices to OLA for the hours you teach

» You genuinely love helping students push on to the next level in their language-learning journey

» You are a friendly, helpful, positive and proactive person

» You are looking to add hours to an existing ESL teaching job



» You are looking for a teaching job with full-time hours 

» You are not a native speaker

» You do not have a reliable internet connection

» You are an entrepreneur trying to build your own business 



» You choose the general hours that you want to receive bookings

» Payments are made at the end of each month via PayPal

» The first three months will be a paid trial period, after which we’ll assess fit and performance

» We always look for someone who will stay with us for at least one full academic year (hopefully more!)



» Please fill out this form to apply: https://forms.gle/HXeRxA2a1CRaRK379


What do our students say?

    I have studied alone for many years, my main problem was speaking. I was so stuck and it was a big problem. I took conversation classes and suddenly I have improved my speaking skill. After every class, I have had the list of the new words, the list of words with the correct pronounce and the list o...

    For me the individual booking with different teachers and the hight quality of the teachers is the best thing about OLA! Also that each teacher looks at my personal needs and designs the class for me!...

    I would like to highlight the teachers,they are very prepared, professional and they adapt the classes to your needs....

    Using your English with different teachers who have different accents is a very good tool, and you do it from your home or wherever and at the time that you choose. It's like living in an English speaking country for 30 minutes in my case....

    Good experience and the teachers try to find the best content according to your needs....

4.70 / 5 (14 student reviews)

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