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Anelda Marè

Anelda Marè


Mossel Bay, Sudáfrica

Títulos: TEFL (certificado de enseñanza de inglés como lengua extranjera); Diploma en asesoría financiera

Idiomas: inglés (lengua materna); Afrikaans (avanzado)

Hello! I am Anelda.

I am a fully qualified native English Teacher for Online Language Academy.

I enjoy reading, music, hiking, and traveling and I have a great passion for making food. I also have a passion for getting to know people and learning from different languages and cultural influences.

I consider myself to be patient, calm, and very well-organized. Every class I try to teach with enthusiasm and optimism. I love working with children, but I have a very professional approach when it comes to adult learning. Every class will be dedicated to suit your need and we will aim to fulfill that.

I believe that conversation English is the best way to learn English. And through that, I endeavour to help you to feel confident in your comprehension as well as pronunciation as we progress with every class.

I look forward to being your teacher and helping you achieve your English proficiency goal.

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