Reviews from students who have taken English classes with our native teachers
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▷ Improve your English with OLA’s classes via Skype or Zoom

​Speaking English with a high level of fluency and confidence opens up new opportunities both professionally and personally. At OLA we are happy to share your journey with you and help you reach your goals! 


Our students include:

  • ✔ Businessmen and women

    who need English to improve their career opportunities: engineers, computer programmers, CEOs of international companies, bankers, I.T consultants, marketing directors…
  • ✔ Travellers

     who need English to communicate on their holidays around the world.
  • ✔ Language enthusiasts

    who simply want to learn English as a hobby, and to learn about other cultures. 
  •  Students

     needing to improve their spoken English in order to pass their exams. 
  • ✔ And YOU!


What do our students say?

    I love the convenience of the online classes. You can schedule your classes to fit your needs. There are plenty of teachers to choose from. Video presentations of the teachers make it very easy to decide who do you want to have classes with. Conversation methodology of the classes make them fun and easy to commit to even if your class is late after work. The conversation topics assure you cover plenty of vocabulary and grammar.

    For me the individual booking with different teachers and the hight quality of the teachers is the best thing about OLA! Also that each teacher looks at my personal needs and designs the class for me!

    I would like to highlight the teachers,they are very prepared, professional and they adapt the classes to your needs.

    Good experience and the teachers try to find the best content according to your needs.

    I have studied alone for many years, my main problem was speaking. I was so stuck and it was a big problem. I took conversation classes and suddenly I have improved my speaking skill. After every class, I have had the list of the new words, the list of words with the correct pronounce and the list of my mistakes. We have spoken about a lot of topics. I know I'm not perfect yet, but now I'm more and more confident when I need to speak with someone. The most important thing is that you can choose your teacher and the perfect time for your classes. Can I suggest you OLA? I will do it!

    OLA helps you to improve your English fluency enormously. You can choose the timetable which best suits you and the teachers are always willing to help you with your exact needs. OLA lessons were essential to pass my EOI C1 exam!! Thank you very much!

    Using your English with different teachers who have different accents is a very good tool, and you do it from your home or wherever and at the time that you choose. It's like living in an English speaking country for 30 minutes in my case.

4.70 / 5 (14 student reviews)* *Total reviews (only ones in English are shown above)

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