Meet the students who have improved their English with our native English speaking teachers
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Speak English easily and faster with OLA

​Speaking English with a high level of fluency and confidence opens up new opportunities both professionally and personally. At OLA we are happy to share your journey with you and help you reach your goals! 


Our students include:

  • ✔ Businessmen and women

    who need English to improve their career opportunities: engineers, computer programmers, CEOs of international companies, bankers, I.T consultants, marketing directors…
  • ✔ Travellers

     who need English to communicate on their holidays around the world.
  • ✔ Language enthusiasts

    who simply want to learn English as a hobby, and to learn about other cultures. 
  •  Students

     needing to improve their spoken English in order to pass their exams. 
  • ✔ And YOU?


What do our students say?

Here is a selection of testimonials from our students who have benefited from personalised 1-to-1 English conversation classes with OLA. 

Matilde, OLA student


Business Development Manager, Seville

The English classes by Skype are fun and easy to use. They’re perfect! The teachers are so professional and you never get bored in class. That is really important for me.

Alberto Moreno, OLA student

Alberto Moreno

Human Resources, Madrid

I have been a student of OLA for 18 months now, and I only have good things to say about my teachers. I like the way of teaching, the different accents of my teachers, and the type of conversations we have in class — both general English and business English. My main objective was to gain a good level of spoken English as I had not spoken it for 4 years after speaking it regularly, and to be honest, I have got my level back! Now, in my classes, I am learning new vocabulary, expressions and grammatical structures in areas such as Human Resources, business, and holidays, for example. Finally, I am happy with OLA because they are helping me reach my goals in a fun way.

Laura, OLA student


Marketing for a language school, Seville

I decided to take English classes via Skype because my work timetable didn’t give me time to go to a physical academy. Thanks to Online Language Academy I take more advantage of my time, and overall, I got a job in a language school! Taking classes with OLA is fun and you can see how you improve day by day.

Ubaldo, OLA student


Industrial Engineer, AXA Insurance, Madrid

In just a few months I have noted a big difference in my English, and the teachers are fantastic. I recommend these English classes via Skype 100%.

Nerea Herreros, OLA student

Nerea Herreros

Nurse, Elorrio (Basque Country)

In my opinion, the conversation classes are the best way to improve your English. When you study a language you have to use it. I have taken conversation classes for 9 months, and I notice now that I speak English more confidently. Before, I had studied in academies where the teachers spent all their time with grammar, and I didn’t have the opportunity to speak much. With OLA, all the teachers are native speakers and that is really important. Also, you have flexibility in the timetables (which, being a nurse, is vital for me), you can study from home, and choose the number of classes you want per week. I recommend these online English classes with OLA to everybody!

Isabel, OLA student


Turism sector, Zaragoza

I needed to improve my spoken English for my current job, and Online Language Academy has been the best way of doing that. I am very happy with the teacher. I absolutely recommend OLA.

Marisa Alonso, OLA student

Marisa Alonso

Nurse, Bilbao

I recommend the online English class via Skype with OLA Online Language Academy, because it is a great way to improve your spoken English. I always look forward to my English classes and our conversations about idioms, expressions, the news, world travel, the best way to cook my favourite dishes…

I learn new expressions and new vocabulary every week, and the most important thing is that I have lost the fear to speak English, because my teacher always gives me lots of encouragement. Just what I needed!

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