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What do our students say?


    There are abundant class topics you can choose,which allow you prepare for the conversation class and feel easy. Study sheet provides you with useful information to help you improve listening and speaking skills.


    Availability and easily to attend classes.

    Guillermo Lope(18/06/2022)

    Flexibility, large range of services and pricing


    Punctuality, kindness of all the team and willingness to support and make everything easier for the student

    Ringo Perez Gamote(27/09/2021)

    The OLA System is a very good way to get in touch with english. only 30 min twice a week I have been able to feel more confident using the language. The table correction system also gives me the oportunity to check my common mistakes, those that are almost impossible to eliminate without such a good tool. I congratulate OLA team for the development of this great system. I recommend it 100%.

    Roberto del Pozo García(09/07/2021)


    Inmaculada Baquero Portero (27/05/2021)

    It gives you a chance to look for what you need.

    Gonzalo Muñoz(17/04/2021)

    The teachers have a great attitude and are very kind. The time goes so fast because you enjoy every minute of them. Im very happy with OLA

    Jose Velasco(17/04/2021)

    Teachers are so friendly.


    that sb can arrange the lessons the way/time/speed it suits him


    A lot of teachers, easy schedules and book, quick solving of issues.

    Daniel REALE(01/03/2021)

    I love the weekly free lessons and a lot of opportunities to learn and improve English.

    Jan B.(19/12/2020)

    Available everywhere :-)

    Elisabet Galindo(14/12/2020)

    Talk to native people about different topics and learn about their cultures. I love the quality of people who are the teachers. THANKS OLA

    Sergio Caro Sánchez(20/10/2020)



    A lot of availability and very simple registration for each lesson.


    Time flexibility, great teachers

    Yvane Piolet(16/12/2019)

    Online Language Academy is a very good solution to learn English or refresh it. There are different packs adapted to various needs. You can choose your teacher, your timeslot, the type of lessons....It is fully adaptable to our active lifes. I fully recommend the Academy.

    Raquel YC(06/10/2019)

    These classes are wonderful. You can see how your fluenty improves in an entertaining way. I am going to start the Business English course after a pack of General English. I hope continuing learning. The teachers are the best!


    The teachers are very nice. I enjoy a lot the conversations with them and I've been told from English speaking friends that my English has improved.

    Juliette Degeorges(29/08/2019)

    I highly recommend OLA because it's one of the fastest way to improve your Spoken English through regular conversations with qualified and amazing Native English Speakers from all around the world.

    Lydia Cara(28/08/2019)

    The best thing is being able to set up the classes when it suits you best. Professional teachers adjust to your needs (interviews, exams, aquiring new vocabulary...). Being able to add your classes to your calendar is simply perfect.


    I love the convenience of the online classes. You can schedule your classes to fit your needs. There are plenty of teachers to choose from. Video presentations of the teachers make it very easy to decide who do you want to have classes with. Conversation methodology of the classes make them fun and easy to commit to even if your class is late after work. The conversation topics assure you cover plenty of vocabulary and grammar.

    Yves Eisenegger(05/08/2019)

    For me the individual booking with different teachers and the hight quality of the teachers is the best thing about OLA! Also that each teacher looks at my personal needs and designs the class for me!


    It's a great way to give learners an opportunity to talk in English

    Gema MM(02/08/2019)

    I would like to highlight the teachers,they are very prepared, professional and they adapt the classes to your needs.


    Good experience and the teachers try to find the best content according to your needs.


    I have studied alone for many years, my main problem was speaking. I was so stuck and it was a big problem. I took conversation classes and suddenly I have improved my speaking skill. After every class, I have had the list of the new words, the list of words with the correct pronounce and the list of my mistakes. We have spoken about a lot of topics. I know I'm not perfect yet, but now I'm more and more confident when I need to speak with someone. The most important thing is that you can choose your teacher and the perfect time for your classes. Can I suggest you OLA? I will do it!


    OLA helps you to improve your English fluency enormously. You can choose the timetable which best suits you and the teachers are always willing to help you with your exact needs. OLA lessons were essential to pass my EOI C1 exam!! Thank you very much!

    Miguel Angel Gómez Elarre(31/07/2019)

    Using your English with different teachers who have different accents is a very good tool, and you do it from your home or wherever and at the time that you choose. It's like living in an English speaking country for 30 minutes in my case.

    Virginia Montero(11/04/2019)

    Online English Academy is a great option if you need a flexible timetable and native teachers. Students can choose the type of lessons, its duration, teachers... everything! You have a study sheet that teachers keep updated to help you to continue learning. I totally recommend it!

4.70 / 5 (88 student reviews)* *Total reviews (only ones in English are shown above)

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