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Try a Class With a Native English Teacher

Meet one of our native English teachers and discuss your goals and objectives for learning English. 

Here is a summary of your Trial English Class...

 20-minute class via Skype / Zoom with one of OLA’s native English teachers

✔ Individual class (1-to-1)

✔ 100% in English

✔ Cost: FREE!

✔ No obligation to continue 


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Have you ever said the following?

✔ "I know a lot of the grammar rules but I have problems speaking English"

✔ "I feel embarrassed when I speak English"

✔ "I feel stuck at at the same level of English and I want to speak like a native speaker"

✔ "I need to improve my pronunciation in English"

✔ "I need a higher level of English for my job"

✔ "I need to speak to English colleagues / clients with confidence"


If you have ever said one of these phrases, we can help you! Take the first step by booking a trial class now…


Book Your FREE Class Now!


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