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Business English Course

In just thirty Business English classes, we help busy professionals like you feel powerful speaking English at work.

The classes are with highly-rated Business English teachers, and each class lasts 30 minutes – the perfect length to fit into your busy schedule!

Levels: Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced


Full Course

30 cls
11 €/cl
330 €

Validity: 2 years

30-minute classes



Mini Pack

10 cls
13 €/cl
130 €

Validity: 6 months

30-minute classes


What do our students say?

    Available everywhere :-)...

    Jan B.(19/12/2020)

    Talk to native people about different topics and learn about their cultures. I love the quality of people who are the teachers. THANKS OLA...

    Elisabet Galindo(14/12/2020)

    Sencillez del método, horarios fácilmente adaptables, amabilidad y simpatía de los profesores...

    Rafael (16/11/2020)


    Sergio Caro Sánchez(20/10/2020)

    A lot of availability and very simple registration for each lesson....

4.70 / 5 (54 student reviews)

Why invest in Business English classes?

The ability to speak English fluently at work can make you appear more confident, more intelligent, strengthens your relationships with international clients and senior executives, and increases your possibilities of getting a pay rise, promotion or new job.


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This course is for you if…

» You are a busy professional whose company requires you to speak English

» You lack confidence when speaking English at work

» You feel inferior when you are speaking English with your colleagues

» Your level of English is limiting your professional opportunities

In the course you will learn...

» 300+ Business English formal and informal words and expressions

» 10+ Business English grammar points

» The skills to talk in meetings, on the telephone and in presentations

» How to talk fluently about your job, company and performance

» How to write emails in English that give a professional image of you and your company

After 30 classes you will…

» Feel more powerful speaking English in meetings

» Confidently hold telephone conversations / conference calls in English

» Know the skills of public speaking and giving presentations in English

» Build healthier professional relationships with your international clients and colleagues

» Understand and naturally use business-specific vocabulary


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