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Online English Conversation Classes

This is the most effective way to start speaking real-life English without fear, without embarrassment, and without translating from your own language in your head.

In just thirty sessions, students just like you feel a noticeable improvement in their fluency when speaking English in their personal life and at work… even if they don’t know all the grammar rules.

OLA's secret is making you a fluent speaker, who doesn't hesitate or stop to think of every word when you have to talk in English.

Too busy to improve your spoken English? Choose one of our popular 30-minute packs:

Annual Packs (30 min)

12 €
60 €

11.50 €
115 €

11 €
220 €

10.50 €
420 €

Validity: 1 year

Length: 30-minutes

Annual Packs (50 min)

18.50 €
92.50 €

18 €
180 €

17.50 €
350 €

17 €
680 €

Validity: 1 year

Length: 50-minutes

What do our students say?

    A lot of availability and very simple registration for each lesson....

    Time flexibility, great teachers...

    Online Language Academy is a very good solution to learn English or refresh it. There are different packs adapted to various needs. You can choose your teacher, your timeslot, the type of lessons....It is fully adaptable to our active lifes. I fully recommend the Academy....

    These classes are wonderful. You can see how your fluenty improves in an entertaining way. I am going to start the Business English course after a pack of General English. I hope continuing learning. The teachers are the best!...

    The teachers are very nice. I enjoy a lot the conversations with them and I've been told from English speaking friends that my English has improved....

4.75 / 5 (42 student reviews)
Speaking and listening skills

Why invest in English Conversation Classes?

The ability to speak English confidently and fluently gives you endless possibilities. Our students have used their higher level of spoken English to travel, work and live abroad, launch their businesses internationally, pass their speaking exams, and make friends from around the world. 

Whatever your goal is, our highly-rated, native teachers will help you get there.


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Practice English speaking

These classes are for you if...

» You know some grammar but you lack fluency when speaking English

» You translate in your head from your own language when you speak English

» You lack confidence and feel ashamed speaking English in front of other people

» You are motivated to improve your spoken English and open up new personal and professional opportunities

Why practice you English with OLA

Why choose OLA?

» More than 2,000 students highly value the OLA experience, which we are continuously working on improving

» Short and effective 30-minute classes are easy to fit into your hectic schedule

» Our highly-rated native English teachers personalise your classes for your needs

» You receive a feedback sheet from each session to help you improve faster

» Enjoy total flexibility regarding the day, time and teacher for each booking 

We help you speak with fluency

After 30 classes you will…

» Naturally use real-life vocabulary, expressions, pronunciation and grammar to speak confidently about an extensive variety of topics

» Speak English without translating every word from your own language

» Understand native British and American English speakers more easily

» Feel more self-confident when speaking English in your personal life and at work


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