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Online English Conversation Classes

This is the most effective way to start speaking real-life English without fear, without embarrassment, and without translating from your own language in your head.

In just thirty sessions, students just like you feel a noticeable improvement in their fluency when speaking English in their personal life and at work… even if they don’t know all the grammar rules.

OLA's secret is making you a fluent speaker, who doesn't hesitate or stop to think of every word when you have to talk in English.

Too busy to improve your spoken English? Choose one of our popular 30-minute packs:


Learn Monthly

8 cls
11 €/cl
88 €

12 cls
10 €/cl
120 €

Validity: 1 month

Length: 30-minutes

Annual Packs (30 min)

5 cls
12 €/cl
60 €

10 cls
11.50 €/cl
115 €

20 cls
11 €/cl
220 €

40 cls
10.50 €/cl
420 €

Validity: 1 year

Length: 30-minutes

Annual Packs (50 min)

5 cls
18.50 €/cl
92.50 €

10 cls
18 €/cl
180 €

20 cls
17.50 €/cl
350 €

40 cls
17 €/cl
680 €

Validity: 1 year

Length: 50-minutes

What do our students say?

    There are abundant class topics you can choose,which allow you prepare for the conversation class and feel easy. Study sheet provides you with useful information to help you improve listening and speaking skills....


    Availability and easily to attend classes....


    Flexibility, large range of services and pricing...

    Guillermo Lope(18/06/2022)

    Punctuality, kindness of all the team and willingness to support and make everything easier for the student...


    The OLA System is a very good way to get in touch with english. only 30 min twice a week I have been able to feel more confident using the language. The table correction system also gives me the oportunity to check my common mistakes, those that are almost impossible to eliminate without such a good...

    Ringo Perez Gamote(27/09/2021)
4.70 / 5 (88 student reviews)
Speaking and listening skills

Why invest in English Conversation Classes?

The ability to speak English confidently and fluently gives you endless possibilities. Our students have used their higher level of spoken English to travel, work and live abroad, launch their businesses internationally, pass their speaking exams, and make friends from around the world. 

Whatever your goal is, our highly-rated, native teachers will help you get there.


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Practice English speaking

These classes are for you if...

» You know some grammar but you lack fluency when speaking English

» You translate in your head from your own language when you speak English

» You lack confidence and feel ashamed speaking English in front of other people

» You are motivated to improve your spoken English and open up new personal and professional opportunities

Why practice you English with OLA

Why choose OLA?

» More than 2,000 students highly value the OLA experience, which we are continuously working on improving

» Short and effective 30-minute classes are easy to fit into your hectic schedule

» Our highly-rated native English teachers personalise your classes for your needs

» You receive a feedback sheet from each session to help you improve faster

» Enjoy total flexibility regarding the day, time and teacher for each booking 

We help you speak with fluency

After 30 classes you will…

» Naturally use real-life vocabulary, expressions, pronunciation and grammar to speak confidently about an extensive variety of topics

» Speak English without translating every word from your own language

» Understand native British and American English speakers more easily

» Feel more self-confident when speaking English in your personal life and at work


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Frequently Asked Questions

🙄 How many classes will I need to speak English with fluency?

This depends on many factors, but after 30 classes, students normally notice a huge difference in their ability to communicate without translating in their head, speaking without feeling embarrassed and understanding native speakers more easily.

Try 30 classes and see the results for yourself!

💰 How much do the conversation classes cost?

The price varies depending on the number of classes you buy, with bigger discounts available for larger packs of classes.

The conversation classes start at 10€/class, and you can find the prices of all our packs of classes here.

📣 Which topics do you discuss in the conversation classes?

Our teachers have the resources available to give your classes on an extensive variety of topics. If there is a specific topic that you would like to cover in class, just let your teacher know and they will prepare it for your next lesson.

We recommend that you choose topics that are interesting and relevant to you: TV series, books, video games, travel, food, childhood, activism, technology, sport, comedy, entrepreneurship… If you are interested in the topic, you will feel more motivated to talk about it, and the more you talk, the quicker you improve!

☝ Are the classes 1-to-1?

Yes, all our classes are 1-to-1. One native teacher: one student.


This enables us to guarantee that you get 100% participation in the conversation.

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