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Speaking Exercise: Finding Time in Your Busy Schedule

How to Make Time in your Busy Schedule

Advanced English Conversation Class:

Advanced English Conversation Class:

Do you want to speak English with a high level of fluency and confidence?

We've got a fantastic NEW eBook for you today, looking at how to make more time in your busy schedule (...and I know you want more free time, right?)

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And as a super cool bonus, you can prepare your classes with my fantastic NEW conversation class video. See the video below to practise your listening, learn great vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and get ideas to use in your classes via Skype. 

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English Vocabulary Lesson with Greg


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Lesson Notes - English Vocabulary in Context

Here is the key English vocabulary from the conversation lesson, with an example of each word in context:

1. Little and often  

E.g. The best way to improve your spoken in English is to study little and often.  

2. Little by Little

E.g. If you speak English on a regular basis, little by little you will speak with more fluency.  

3. Go to bed early / Wake up early.  

E.g. Going to bed early is good for your health. Waking up early is one of the proven ways to be a productive person.  

4. Fall asleep  

E.g. I used to watch rubbish on TV and fall asleep on the sofa at night.  

5. Plan your day.  

E.g. Planning your day and making a schedule can help you manage your time more efficiently.  

6. To get help

E.g. Learn to get help from people around you.  

7. To run a business

E.g. If you run your own business it is vital to have good time management skills.  

8. The early bird catches the worm.  

E.g. If you wake up early, you can get a lot of things done while everyone else is still sleeping.  

9. Spend time

E.g. I like spending the weekends with my friends and visiting new places.

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