English Speaking Exercises

These blog entries help you prepare your online English conversation classes via Skype with OLA. 

In each entry you will learn vocabulary related to the topic, as well as common mistakes and commonly mispronounced words related to the topic. 

You will also learn one grammar point, which you will practice orally with your native English-speaking teacher in your online classes.

To complete your learning experience, each entry includes an article and video in English related to the topic to help you improve your reading and listening skills.

And as well as all this, you will find a list of questions that you will talk about via Skype with your online English teacher.

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Advanced English Conversation Class on Anger

10 English Expressions and Idioms about Anger

Do you ever blow your top? Has someone ever bitten your head off? Do you have a bone to pick with anyone? In this video we look at the meaning of these common English expressions and other idioms related... Read more

Advanced English Conversation Class on Motivation

Speaking Exercise: How to Stay Motivated

As this week is 'Motivation Week' here at OLA, the conversation eBook and video lesson are based on this topic. In this week's video I talk about the importance of setting goals, why it's... Read more

Advanced English Conversation Class

Speaking Exercise: How to Strengthen Your Friendships

What are the qualities of a true friend? What are the possible factors that cause breakups of a friendship? Why do you think it is difficult for other people to celebrate the success of their friends?... Read more

Advanced English Conversation Class

Advanced Speaking Exercise: The Truth Behind Stereotypes

What is a stereotypical English person like? Am I a stereotypical Englishman? What do I think of the common stereotypes of other nationalities? Find out in my answers to these questions in my conversation... Read more

Advanced English Conversation Class

Speaking Exercise: Genie in a Bottle

If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? Can money buy most wishes? What is true happiness? Check out the video below to improve your English listening skills and learn key vocabulary from this... Read more

Advanced English Conversation Class:

Speaking Exercise: Finding Time in Your Busy Schedule

Do you want to speak English with a high level of fluency and confidence? We've got a fantastic NEW eBook for you today, looking at how to make more time in your busy schedule (...and I know you... Read more

Advanced English Conversation Class on "How to Keep Workers Happy and Effective"

Speaking Exercise: How to Keep Workers Happy

Why is it important to have a happy working environment? Why do regular short breaks help you become a more effective employee? What are the common distractions at work? Find out my answers to these... Read more

Advanced English Conversation Class on "What Intelligent People Have in Common"

Speaking Exercise: What all intelligent people have in common!

Who's the most intelligent person you know? Do they have anything in common with other intelligent people you know? Are the quiet? Humble? Interested in classical music? Each week we publish a NEW,... Read more

Advanced English Conversation Class on "Secrets to Success"

Speaking Exercise: Secrets to Success

I love talking about success with our students in their English conversation classes via Skype, as everyone has a different opinion on what constitutes "success". Is it to earn a lot of money?... Read more

Conversation Class: Ways To Be Productive

Each week we publish a NEW, awesome Conversation Class eBook for our online English students, which helps them learn and use new useful vocabulary and talk about a wide variety of exciting topics! In... Read more

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