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Conversation Class: Ways To Be Productive

Ways To Be a Productive Person

Each week we publish a NEW, awesome Conversation Class eBook for our online English students, which helps them learn and use new useful vocabulary and talk about a wide variety of exciting topics!

In this video, I answer 3 questions from the lesson plan on Ways to Become a Productive Person, and tell my story on what I do to stay focused at work, whether a tidy workspace can really help you be more productive and give my opinion on why so many companies ask their workers to be good at multitasking!

To learn more new vocabulary, read a fascinating article, get more questions and do a fun quiz on the topic, simply download the full lesson plan here!


Vocabulary Lesson with Greg


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Recommended: Download the full lesson plan FREE here!

Lesson Notes - English Vocabulary in Context

Here is the key English vocabulary from the conversation lesson, with an example of each word in context:

* Overrated 
E.g. Multitasking is overrated

* To batch / Batching 
E.g. Batching helps me focus and work more productively. For example, it's much more beneficial for me to spend 30 minutes replying to emails three times a day, rather than constantly checking my email throughout the day.

* Chaos (uncountable) 
E.g. Doing everything at the same time would be chaos!

* Workspace = your desk / work area
E.g. If I have a tidy workspace I find it easier to focus on my work.

* Cluttered
E.g. A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind!

* The clutter
E.g. Before a big day's work, I remove the clutter from my desk so I can go in to the office with a fresh and tidy mind!

* Build up = increase
E.g. If you don't keep things tidy, the mess inevitably builds up! 

* Stay focused
E.g. I like to get a good night's sleep to help me stay focused during my working day.

* The Pomodoro technique
E.g. The Pomodoro technique has been proven to increase productivity.

* Parkinson’s Law 
E.g. Parkinson's Law states that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion".

* Reward
E.g. At the end of each pomodoro, you get 5 minutes relaxation time as a reward.

* Get a good night’s sleep 
E.g. If I don't get a good night's sleep I work slower and less productively the next day.

* Vicious circle
E.g. Being tired and working less productively means I work later in the evening, and go to bed later, and wake up tired again.... it's a vicious circle!

Recommended: Download the full lesson plan FREE here!


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