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Speaking with native speakers via Skype is the best way to improve your English. Our team consists of professional teachers who are all qualified to teach English and come from a variety of countries so that you can practise with different accents (United Kingdom, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia…)

Our classes are 1-to-1, online and in real time: one teacher ↔ one student.

You choose your teacher, they make sure your classes are fun and productive.

Gain fluency and increase your confidence speaking English with one of our native English teachers via Skype.

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Overall rating of OLA’s English teachers:

(758 votes, average: 4.75 out of 5)

Greg Pioli (Owner)


Yorkshire, England

Chirie Dautel


California, USA

Emma Tilley


Milton Keynes, England

Tim Matthews

South Africa

Mossel Bay, South Africa

Sarah Chapman


Scotland, UK

Nina Blount

South Africa

Mossel Bay, South Africa

Ron Williams


Chicago, USA

Lorna Lawrence

South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Beverley Van Wyk

South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

Sophia Mafaje


Toronto, Canada

Jessie Loughran


Melbourne, Australia

Cathy Poole


Dorset, England

Gioconda Almanza


San Francisco, USA

Erika Vanderwiel


Ontario, Canada

James Levin


Philadelphia, (USA)

Suzanne Detchkoff


British Columbia, Canada

Dee Brooks


Ontario, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

🔎 How are the native teachers selected to work for OLA?

Before hiring teachers to work for OLA, we look at their CV, ask for a video application and then meet for one or more online interviews. To give you an idea of the selection process, we choose teachers who meet the following requirements:

  • Native teachers: This guarantees a native pronunciation and a culturally rich experience for our students.
  • TEFL / CELTA certified: They must have a qualification in teaching English as a foreign language, which guarantees a deep knowledge of the English language.
  • Graduates: They must have completed a degree at university.
  • Professional teachers: Their main profession is teaching (i.e. they are not students who want to make some extra money)
  • Experience teaching English online: They are familiar with online education and are well prepared to motivate their students from behind a screen.
  • Experience teaching Business English: They have a rich vocabulary in business terminology so as to help our students who need English for professional reasons.
  • Fun and friendly: It’s interesting and enjoyable to talk to them. If you find it easy to talk to your teachers and enjoy your classes, learning happens without you even realising.
  • Professional attitude: We are not just any academy. We guarantee results and expect our teachers to go the extra mile.
  • Multilingual: They speak (or are learning) at least one other language. This enables teachers to empathise with their students’ difficulties in grammar or pronunciation. Furthermore, learning another language deepens your knowledge of your mother tongue.

🌎 Where are the teachers from?

OLA's English teachers are from all over the world: England, the USA, Australia, Canada and South Africa. They are all qualified, native, professional teachers.

Choose a variety of teachers to improve your listening skills and understand different accents.

🏅 Who is the highest rated teacher?

All our teachers are very highly rated. If you want to see our students’ ratings for each teacher, just click their photo and see their star ratings.

🔄 Can I change teacher whenever I want?

Yes! Every time you reserve a class, you choose the teacher.

If you choose the same teacher for every class, you get to know them and their culture better, and feel comfortable in your classes.

If you try different teachers, you have the advantage of understanding different accents, getting to learn about different cultures, and have more options in terms of availability for your classes.

We recommend you choose at least two different teachers for your classes. But you choose!

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