Learn The Difference Between IN ORDER TO, SO THAT and TO

In order to v So that v To

I've just published a video to answer a question I had from one of our YouTube viewers, and I wanted to tell you that if YOU have any questions for me, just tell me, and I will do a video for you too!... Read more

The difference between SO and SUCH

In this English lesson you are going to learn the difference between SO v SUCH, SO MUCH v SO MANY, and when we use the expression SUCH AS in English. Join The English Fluency Email Group to get... Read more

Learn the Order of Adjectives in English

The Order of Adjectives in English

In this video, I'm going to be answering a question from Lydia from Spain regarding the order of adjectives in English. Remember that you need to look at grammar in context, and copy it in context... Read more

When to use on time or in time in English

When to use ON TIME or IN TIME in English

In this video I’m going to teach you the difference between in time and on time. They are very similar expressions, but there is a clear difference between each one, which I am going to explain with... Read more

Learn the difference between Say, Tell, Speak and Talk

Say v Tell v Speak v Talk

I made this video at the request of one of our Facebook followers, who, like many English students, has problems knowing the difference between say, tell, speak and talk. I divide the lesson into two... Read more

Learn 10 Common Preposition Mistakes

10 Most Common Preposition Mistakes in English

In this video we are going to be looking at 10 common preposition mistakes that ESL students make. I am also going to talk about The Sentence Method, which is a highly effective way of learning English... Read more

Learn the difference between  'see', 'look',  and 'watch"

The difference between See, Look, and Watch

In this video you are going to learn the simple difference between 3 confusing verbs: see, look and watch. Although the meanings of these words are very similar, we use each one for a specific moment,... Read more

Learn the Difference Between As and Like

The Difference Between As v Like

In this video you will learn the difference between As and Like in English. This video was requeted by one of our regular YouTube followers, Luis. If you want me to answer one of your English questions... Read more

Gender Equality

Gender Equality. Speaking exercise

In this lesson we will be talking about Gender Equality in English, and looking at how to correctly use the verbs expect / want / need / would like. "The 2010 global gender gap report by the World... Read more

Slang words in English grammar

5 Slang Expressions in English Grammar

You study and study and study, until you finally think that you have the level of go to England and speak to the locals. And then what happens? You don’t understand a word, because all they do is... Read more

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